New Parents

Do you have a newborn or a new baby on the way? We know what you’re thinking…Wow!

As exciting as it is, having a baby—your first or not—is an emotional time. Questions come up when least expected. Some are easily answered. Some you want help with. Why choose Iron Horse Pediatrics?

We are here to help.

Iron Horse Pediatrics has the experience, the network connections, and the variety of professional and practical resources to answer your questions, head off anxiety, and give your new baby the healthiest, strongest, and safest start possible.

Your options include:

  • Prenatal consultation and checkups
  • Tools to help you research and decide on the birth style that fits your family
  • A network chock full of positive resources to reinforce or jump in brand new to the challenges and blessings of newborn parenting
  • Sensitive, easy-to-understand help you navigate simple but often emotional and frustrating issues like colic (crying baby), jaundice, sleeping schedules, and diaper rash.
  • Practical advice and connections for matters as basic as getting the right car seat and making your home or apartment infant and child friendly and safe.

Of course, if you or your baby face unique challenges, our provider team brings years of experience and a broad network of partners to your challenge. Your access to our expertise will bring answers and peace of mind.